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Welcome to the website for Jewish Sages of Today.

This website is a companion to the book and includes information and reviews along with a wealth of additional material. Here you'll find, among other things:

  • A section devoted to each of the sages (see "Sages") that goes beyond the scope of the book to include audio excerpts from the book's original interviews; examples of the work of each sage such as video lectures, audio of interviews, book chapters and articles, and more; links to websites connected with each individual; and many more online resources for you to explore.

  • An innovative Teacher's Guide with thought-provoking ideas organized around each profile. Teachers GuideAimed at both day school and congregational school teachers in a variety of subjects working with grades 7-12 and also appropriate for university-level and adult students, we hope the ideas presented will inspire teachers to pick and choose elements to incorporate into lessons. Please note that on this website we have made the entire contents of the book downloadable for free, for educational purposes only. We invite you to use the materials in the spirit in which it is offered.

  • More information on the book, including a comprehensive section of book reviews as well as readers’ responses to the material.

"Sages inspire us, elevate us, and motivate us to imagine and realize lives of intent and purpose...My aim, with Jewish Sages of Today, is to introduce the world to accomplished Jewish activists, thinkers, teachers, and the like, and to provide insight into their lives...It is my hope that the examples of these remarkable people will inspire others, encourage innovative thinking, and spur the development of new ideas."

—Aryeh Rubin, editor of Jewish Sages of Today

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