Jewish Sages of Today

About the Book

Jewish Sages of Today: Profiles of Extraordinary People, edited by Aryeh Rubin (Devora Publishing and Targum Shlishi), contains profiles of twenty-seven accomplished individuals dedicated to improving the Jewish world.

Who are the sages?
The individuals profiled are an eclectic group, drawn from across the U.S. and Israel, from a variety of professions, ranging in religious observance, and representing an age span from their twenties to their eighties. There are fifteen men and twelve women. They include:

  • A world-renowned, secular scientist turned Orthodox Jew who left the lab and now explores the nexus of science and religion

  • The last Nazi hunter

  • A man who has spent his career rescuing and preserving Yiddish books

  • An internationally known teacher and Jewish feminist whose doorway into Jewish knowledge has been Shakespeare

  • A philanthropist deeply committed to furthering Jewish knowledge, love of Israel, and to encouraging young Jews to meet, marry, and procreate

  • A woman who left her high-powered political consulting firm to found a non-profit that advocates for Israel

Why buy this book?
"There is a very real and urgent need in today's culture for us to be aware of the example being set by those profiled in the book and others like them," explains Aryeh Rubin, editor of Jewish Sages of Today and director of Targum Shlishi. "The people profiled in the book are living exemplary lives and are dedicated to Jewish values. In this dominant celebrity culture, it's important to draw attention to true heroes, our sages. Our hope is that the book will inspire and motivate its readers to foster positive change in the Jewish world."

How were the sages chosen?
The good news is that choosing the sages was an excruciating process — there were so many remarkable people suggested that the book could easily have been three times as long. As part of the process, an editorial advisory board was established and several months were spent soliciting names from colleagues, the advisory board, and others and conducting research. The editorial advisory board reviewed the names and the research and contributed to the selection process.

You want names, don't you? Here is the complete list of the individuals profiled:
The sages profiled are, in alphabetical order: Yossi Abramowitz; Rachel Azaria; Michael Berenbaum; Mira Brichto; Ruth Calderon; Debbie Friedman; Yitz and Blu Greenberg; Judith Hauptman; Laurence Hoffman; Tobi Kahn and Nessa Rapoport; Aaron Lansky; Daniel Libeskind; Sholom Lipskar; Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi; Hankus Netsky; Robert Pollack; Dennis Prager; Gary Rosenblatt; Susan Weidman Schneider; Alice Shalvi; Michael Steinhardt; Adin Steinsaltz; Joseph Telushkin; Avivah Zornberg; and Efraim Zuroff.